Senior HR Advisor/Account Manager

Expired on: Jun 25, 2021
Job Overview

The Senior HR Advisor/Account Manager will provide full support and guidance to Boyd HR Clients in all areas of employment legislation and Human Resources. They will provide support to the Managing Director in Business Development and to work efficiently & effectively with the Boyd HR team. Success will be achieved by analysing the root cause(s) of issues and inefficiencies in human resources and achieved by helping the organisation implement workable solutions.


Primary Responsibilities

  1. To deliver HR processes including performance management, training & development, recruitment & selection, legal compliance, leadership and development, retention, employee engagement and termination of employment to Boyd HR Clients.
  2. To implement and support Boyd HR Clients in human resource policies & procedures necessary to ensure engagement and performance from their staff.
  3. To assist with the recruitment and induction of new staff for Boyd HR Clients.
  4. Ensure that Client organisations are in full compliance with employment legislation and all staff has up-to-date employment contracts/job descriptions.
  5. To manage Boyd HR Clients employee relations queries, as they arise, in line with best practice. Provide a timely and responsive service to our clients.
  6. Align business objectives with management and employees in Client organisations.
  7. Act as an employee champion and change agent for Client companies.
  8. Ensure that Client organisations have a comprehensive paper trail in place to demonstrate to a Third Party (if required) that it acted as a reasonable employer, applied the principles of natural justice, and followed their own procedures.
  9. Design, develop and deliver relevant workshops based on Client needs.
  10. Manage Client expectations and demonstrate added-value by delivering your CRM goals.
  11. Actively contribute to the strategic development and growth of Boyd HR.
  12. To partner with the Managing Director to develop and implement a results-driven sales programme for Boyd HR.
  13. Ensure the retention of existing Clients and generate new ones through networking and business referrals.
  14. To provide HR support to other colleagues to facilitate effective and proactive decision making, to ensure solutions for Boyd HR Clients are realistic, transparent, and fair.
  15. To ensure HR practices and policies are compliant with Irish legislation. Monitor HR processes and implement improvements.
  16. Take responsibility for own personal development, in line with agreed performance objectives.
  17. Record daily and report weekly time spent on each Client and assigned projects.
  18. Ensure the Client onboarding process is complete and relevant accounting system is up to date.
  19. Assist with the marketing strategy.
  20. Ensure information is processed in line with GDPR.
  21. To carry out HR projects to support the Boyd HR Strategy.


The ideal candidate will have:

  • 3+ years’ experience working in a HR Generalist or similar HR advisory position;
  • A broad level of HR knowledge from a range of different industries;
  • Qualifications in either HR Management or Employment Law;
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to build lasting relationships with our Clients;
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills, with well-developed business acumen;
  • The ability to work with several different IT systems and applications, including MS Office.
  • The ability to display integrity and trustworthiness;
  • Good leadership skills and the ability to elicit support at all levels;
  • The ability to mediate skilfully and communicate effectively upwards and downwards;
  • The confidence to make decisions effectively and influence key decision-makers;
  • The experience of working on their own initiative with a tolerance for stress and a controlled demeanour when confronted with adversarial or challenging situations;
  • Experience working in a professional and confidential environment.


Boyd HR’s Core Values


  • We support one another
  • We consult and reach consensus on key decisions
  • We trust and respect each other

Continuous Learning

  • We encourage innovation
  • We support personal and professional development
  • We strive to improve every aspect of our business
  • We have a culture of accountability

Open communication

  • We encourage honesty and the ability to speak freely


  • We care for our clients’ companies as if they were our own – our clients’ success is our success
  • We work in collaboration with our clients
  • All of our dealings are ethical

Employee Centred

  • Boyd HR is a family flexible organisation
  • We value and care for employee wellbeing
  • We foster a supportive work environment


How to Apply:

If you feel that you are the right fit for this position, please forward a Cover Letter and CV to careers@boydhr.ie by 3pm on Friday 25th June 2021.

Sorry! This job has expired.
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