At Boyd HR we offer a variety of services to best suit your business needs. If for instance you are facing staffing/employment issues and lack the time and/or resources to deal with these pressing issues we can become your dedicated HR Provider and work hand in hand with you on all areas relating to HR, which in turn affords you more time to work on the business.

Our HR Consultancy services provide:

    • Peace of mind to clients as we become your dedicate HR Department.
    • A dedicated HR Advisor.
    • A dependable and cost-effective service.
    • Support and trusted advice.
    • Capacity by allowing you to focus on more strategic priorities.

Some of the bespoke solutions we provide to clients are:

    • Develop a HR Strategy.
    • Benchmark Salaries.
    • Redesign Job Roles.
    • Conduct Employee Surveys.
    • Develop Performance Management Processes.

Our services offerings can also be tailored to support businesses owners/managers who may require assistance with just one particular area of HR.


Call one of Boyd HR’s Advisors on 074 912 3150 to get discuss your HR requirements.